Sunday, September 25, 2011

God's Servant

So often I am thankful the Bible was written before my time. If Moses or Abraham or David knew we would study their sin, I wonder if they would decline having their stories published. How much better to be the the deliverer of God's people or the father of the twelve tribes of Israel or a man after God's own heart. Even though these men accomplished these things with God's strength, they were not perfect and we learn about their anger, deceit, and adultery.

Jesus said the greatest in Heaven must be the servant of all. That's what He was and is. I'm happy to serve and find myself looking for new ways to help others. Yet, it has also occurred to me that God uses my testimony, what I was like before letting God work in my life. The ugly and painful stuff I wanted to hide, are the things God uses to reach other's hearts for His glory and their eternity.

You and I might be the only Bible someone will read. A smile, a touch, a story of how we overcame sin or suffering. God uses imperfect people today as He did when the Bible was written. The strangest thing is, when God uses me I feel wonderful--even if it means sharing in my vulnerabilities.

By the power of God's love, the Bible is still being written today in the hearts and lives of His people. It's how we honor and serve our Lord and Savior. How do you serve? How do you feel when God uses you? When you share how you experienced God's love the first time?

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