Monday, September 19, 2011

Blessed and Bruised

Do you feel like you can only show your face when everything's going well with you? Me too. Only the Christian sisters with whom I have bonded closely do I feel I can share my emotional frustrations and hurts, my pain and suffering, my fear and failure. It's no wonder people think Christians should be perfect.

Yet the Bible shows how Abraham, Moses, David, Job, Peter and Paul (among many others), made mistakes and experienced despair while following God. In Ecclesiastes 3, Solomon talks about the seasons of life--"a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven."

Although Jesus called us to be light and salt to the world, we are human. People in the world need to know how we handle suffering--that we don't give up, but keep our focus on God regardless of our situation. We have a comforter and healer. Out of God's love for us, He promised to be with us always, never to leave or forsake us. We are blessed and bruised. May we show this kind of faith to the world we live in.

Lord Jesus, help me show my trust in you no matter what I experience. Amen.


Danie Marie said...

Amen, Sue! Living in this world often gives us bumps and bruises, but we are so blessed!

Love ~ Danie

Sue Tornai said...

With God's love we will make it past the bruises as Jesus did.