Sunday, October 2, 2011

Do This in Remembrance of Me

Jesus was with His closest friends the evening before His betrayal, suffering, and crucifixion. He knew the mockery of hearings, the spitting and ridicule He would endure that night. So while He was with His friends He washed their feet and treasured every moment with them. Although He tried to tell them what was to come, He knew they didn't get it.

I can imagine Jesus saying to them, "Don't forget me. Don't forget why. Don't forget to do this. Don't forget how much I love you. Don't forget that I'll always be with you." He told these things to ordinary men who finally got it, men who would tell others how much Jesus loved them and how much He did to forgive them so they could have eternal life with Him.

Today the words, "Do this in remembrance of Me" took on a deeper meaning for me when I saw Jesus at the table with His friends for the Last Supper. Self-examination penetrated my soul as I heard God's word, humbled myself and surrendered into His presence.

Oh God, forgive me for trying to live my life (again) on my own strength. Open my eyes to see the wonders of You, Your word and presence every day. I love you. Amen.

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