Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas Past

After working with my little Cherub Choir in Wiesbaden, Germany, I headed over to the nursery to pick up my son, Jason. The year was 1970 and he was two years old. It was dinner time for the kids when I showed up and I waited and waited and waited for the childcare helper to bring my little boy to me. Finally she said, "Mrs. Stratton, we can't find Jason." My heart sunk. "You are welcome to come in the facility and look in any of the hiding places you think he might crawl into. Pregnant with my daughter, I couldn't kneel very well. While I peeked around and called for Jason, thankfully, the helper called the Security Police. "He must have slipped out the door when we released the children to the dining area," the helper told the police.

It was dark outside and I began to panic. Others joined us with flashlights, searching the outside perimeters of the nursery. Cars zipped by and I worried about Jason's safety. It seemed like hours before someone asked, "Are you looking for a little guy this high with a gray, hooded sweatshirt?"

"Yes," I said. My heart leaped.

"My friend, Jennifer, saw him when she was going home from Girl Scouts and took him home with her. She was afraid he was lost."

"Where does she live?"

The kind little girl took me to her friend's house. I could hear Christmas music when we walked up the steps and knocked on the door. Jennifer opened the door to a beautifully decorated home--flickering lights on the tree and presents crowding the base of it. I was so glad to see my little boy, but shocked when he shouted,"I don't want to go home!"

Speechless, I wondered if the people thought I abused him or something. Fortunately he had no marks on him. Then I realized that Jason was caught up in the Christmas spirit. While I was teaching five to seven-year-olds the meaning of Christmas and some carols, Jason was having fun with his new friends. He was safe and I was thankful. After we shared a cup of hot chocolate with Jennifer's family, Jason took my hand and went home with me.

My wish for you this Christmas Eve is that you experience God's lavishing love on you. Merry Christmas.

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