Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Lifeguard

Captivated by the underwater beauty of Monastery Beach near Monterey, California, I lost track of time. It was exciting to dive into the huge waves and be lost in the yellows, blues and oranges of the fish and sea urchins, the changing colors of the kelp as it reflected the sun. Although my scuba instructor urged me when it was time to go ashore, I lingered far too long and forgot about the surf high above my head. Lulled by the ebb and flow of the surge, I didn't pay attention until I was nearly out of air.

A monster wave carried me to the beach, a very steep beach. My hands hit first, but I forgot to plant my fingers into the sand and the surge pushed me back out into the deep. Again my hands hit the beach and I  tried to climb out of the surf instead of holding on until the second surge passed. This one pushed me onto my back and pushed my mask and regulator off my face. I panicked. Underwater the oxygen tank and the weight belt equalize themselves but they weighed close to 100 pounds coming out of the surf. I could not turn over and crawl out of the water. The 10 foot waves tossed me back and forth. I saw my life pass before me. I didn't think I'd make it back to my kids who waited on the beach. The instructor signaled for help and seven men pulled me out of the surf.

Life is like the underwater beauty. Captured by my lust for life, nothing satisfied. A lifetime of poor choices and broken relationships led me into a pit of despair. I am thankful that somewhere in my experience, I had the sense to say the name of Jesus. He rescued me from a life of destruction and lavished His amazing love on me, a love I didn't deserve. I've never wanted to be without His love again. He promised He would always be with me and He has kept His promise. I have joy today because of all He has done.

If you feel trapped in a life of unmet expectations, I have good news for you. God loves you and waits at the door of your heart for you to invite Him into your life. Say His name and know His love. Read His word. It's a love letter to beat all love letters.

Lord Jesus, I pray for the one who is reading this post, that he will experience your love and presence, that it will change his heart and life for your glory. Amen.

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