Saturday, November 26, 2011

The World of More

As we enter into the Christmas season it is easy for us to lose our focus on Christ and fall prey to our cravings for more. The packages under the tree trigger all kinds of wonder and expectation for kids of all ages. The trouble is, the more we get the more we want--more money, more stuff, more food, more drink and more sex. It never ends unless we fill our cravings with Christ.

At creation, God, created a void in each of our hearts. That's where the cravings are. He created a hole in us only He can fill. Yet, He gave us a choice. He created us in His image but gave us a choice to chose His ways or our own ways. There is no end to the cravings unless we invite Jesus into our hearts. Once we do, He comes in and makes His home in our hearts. He cleans up the skeletons in the closet and gives us a purpose for living. Life takes on a whole new meaning.

Have you invited Christ into your heart and experienced His peace and purpose? Once we know His amazing love, we want to live for Him and not ourselves. We understand the meaninglessness of our cravings as Solomon did. In Ecclesiastes he said, "Everything is meaningless." He had all the wealth and wisdom a man could have, but he fell away from the God who put him on the throne. He married into the cultures surrounding Israel and got caught up in human cravings and the worshp of idols.

Oh God, our Father, help us keep our eyes on You during the Christmas season. Help us discover the world of more of You. Amen.


Chris said...

God has taught me and my husband the ruin of materialism. We have always been extremely minimal with gifts for Christmas. But it's the day-to-day material accumulation that gets out of hand. That's in our past now and we pray God holds us there.

Sue Tornai said...

I am praying for you too, Chris. I know you have filled your heart with more of God, replacing the world of more. God bless you.