Thursday, July 30, 2009


Jonathan loved David as he loved his own soul. (1 Samuel 20:17)

“People who need people are the luckiest people in the world” are the words from the 1964 movie Funny Girl and the song sung by Barbara Streisand. I am lucky to have friends who inspire, encourage and pray with me. I trust them and they trust me. We have the joy of sharing with each other in good times and praying with each other through suffering.

Jonathan and David were best friends even when King Saul, Jonathan’s father, attempted to kill David. They prayed for each other, gave gifts to each other and enjoyed time together.

Jesus chose a circle of twelve close friends to share His ministry with. He loved them, worked with them and prayed for them. Since He needed friends to get through His time on earth, and since we are made in His image, it is no mystery that we have this great need for friendship.

Friends remind me that I am not alone in this boat I’m. My friends are here to inspire, encourage and help me. Together and with God’s help we can weather the storms of life.

Where do your friends come from? Church? School? Work? The gym? Why are they important to you?

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Elizabeth M Thompson said...

My friends come from all of the above. Lately, though, God has brought me wonderful friends through the Inspire Christian Writers group!

I treasure the encouragement, prayer and support I receive from my Inspire friends--especially you, Sue!