Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hannah's Lucky Day

A child's cry pierced Philip's peace. Children's laughter and songs had filled the air on that beautiful spring day. They ran up the hillside ahead of their parents. In those days it was customary for parents to bring their sons and daughters to a rabbi to receive blessings on their birthdays. This particular day, they brought them to Jesus. He took them in His arms and loved them.

Philip wondered, what caused the crying? He looked around and under an olive tree sat a little girl. She couldn't have been more than four years old.

"Hi, little one. What's your name?" he asked.

"Hannah," she replied.

"How old are you?"

Hannah held up four fingers. "It's my birthday," she smiled. "Mama brought me to see Jesus, but I can't find her."

Philip picked her up and put her on his shoulders. "Can you see her now?"

"No, I don't see her."

Philip walked all over the hillside and sang in his deep baritone voice, hoping someone would hear and claim Hannah. No one did. At dusk he carried the little girl to his home. He wondered, how could anyone abandon such a sweet child? The servants smiled and gave Hannah pomegranates and raisin cakes, and they took care of her.

In today's troubling times, for whatever reason, more children end up on the streets. Crowded orphanages and foster families need help. Safe Families, part of Koinonia Family Services is an organization that helps children of families in crisis. Find out how you can get involved whether by sponsoring a child or helping provide for the families that do.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your amazing love. In these trying times, watch over the children at risk. Hold them in them palm of Your hands and protect them from the environment and from evil people that would abuse them. O Lord, my heart breaks for the children. I pray, too, for the parents, that in their distress they would turn to you, say your name, the name above all names. And when they do, that  they would experience your amazing and unconditional love. Amen.

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