Friday, October 19, 2012

A Miracle in Process

Luke Marton October 2012
December 2002 Scottie and Janell called us and all their extended family to their home. We traveled through one of the worst storms I can remember with the question in our hearts, "What could be this important?"

We gathered near the Christmas tree in the living room. "Our baby is deformed. He has a 30% chance of making it," Janell said. Then silence. All our eyes were on her and Scottie. "We are not giving up on Luke."

Then Scottie explained that a sonogram revealed our baby had no diaphragm. His liver and intestines were in his chest and his lungs were not developing. Doctors told them Janell was a good candidate for fetal surgery. In late January we drove to UCSF Children's Hospital where surgeons performed the procedure of inflating a balloon in Luke's trachea in order to push the liver and intestines down. This would allow his lungs to develop a little before birth. Luke was born a week later. Five days after birth surgeons relocated Luke's liver and intestines and installed an artificial diaphragm. Amazing how that patch, a man-made product, has grown with Luke all these years.

Luke Marton February 2003
Skilled doctors and nurses cared for Luke 24/7. UCSF Children's Hospital has expanded to another location called UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, and Luke is the poster boy. His picture is on billboards, buses and at bus stations in San Francisco, California.

I am thankful to God for the wonderful care and technology made available to Luke. Our family witnessed a miracle in motion. Although God has the power to heal instantly, this time He chose a process. He drew our family close to doctors and nurses and united us in His love. We learned to trust Him because we had no one else to turn to. He held all of us in the palm of His hands and healed Luke.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Your great love, that we can trust you to walk through the valleys with us. Thank you for Luke's life and healing. Thank you for that beautiful smile. We love you. Amen.


Chris said...

Your grandson is a wonderful miracle!

Sue Tornai said...

Indeed he is. Thank you for reading this post.