Monday, July 4, 2011

My Hiding Place

My husband, John, and I enjoy exploring the streams near our camp at beautiful Lake Almanor in Northern California. Eight miles off of Highway 89 on a dirt road we found postcard picture perfect Yellow Creek, nestled in the pines near an emerald meadow, rich with wild flowers and pampas grass. Birds sang their songs and squirrels barked in the trees.

We met a man who said, "This is my hiding place, my sanctuary away from the world." Then he told us how river otters feasted on the brown trout and how the whirling disease had destroyed the rainbow trout population. Not good news for my fisherman husband.

Sometimes, like the man we met at Yellow Creek, I need an escape from the world, but instead of driving to a lonely stream, I call on the name of my Lord. He is my fortress and hiding place. In Him I find rest and strength and joy.

What about you? Do you have a hiding place in God's awesome creation or is it a quiet place within your own soul?


Chris said...

There's nothing like the quiet and peace that God extends deep within my spirit where ever I am. But that rest and peace is renewed and deepened when I find a place in His creation where I can touch, taste and smell it.

Sue Tornai said...

I agree. When I'm near a lovely landscape or river's edge, it prompts me to praise God for His wonderful works. Thank you for your comment, Chris.

fawn said...

When God stoops to peer at me through the moon's face, or He taps me on the shoulder with a fallen leaf, or breathes into my face with the wind, then I am led by Him to a secret place where He talks.

Sue Tornai said...

Thank you for the beautiful comment. Loved your blog and art work. Many blessings to you.