Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is This Really Necessary?

When I've arrived at church the last few Sundays, seeing the parking lot torn up, I asked myself, "Is this really necessary?" Knowing nothing about engineering or construction, that's an easy question for me. Then I reflected on the theme of the Sunrise Community Church restoration project--"Transformed Inside/Out," and asked the same question about the hardest area for me to cultivate in my spirit life--prayer. "Is this really necessary?"

I know the answer before I begin. Of course, it's necessary. I've witnessed great answers to prayer and experienced God's lavishing love. Yet, I find after spending time in God's word and recording lessons in my journal, when it comes time to pray, it's tempting to close things up and pray as I go on my way, and sometimes I do. Yet, God especially blesses me when I spend alone time, heart to heart time with Him.

The prayer team at church demonstrated to me the power of heart to heart prayer. Cheryl Marvelli, who also coordinates the watering of trees and plants during construction, said the faucet on the northeast side of the church leaked so badly, it was not usable. On one of their prayer walks, Cheryl and June Lake prayed over the faucet. Does God care about a faucet in the middle of a huge restoration project? Yes! He does.

That afternoon, Joe Hartin, who owns a pool service company, came to the church and volunteered to help with the watering. When he found out about the leaky faucet, he said, "I can fix that," and he did the same day Cheryl and June prayed.

I am encouraged to spend more alone time in heart to heart prayer with God, whether sitting at His feet or walking my dog. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for using Cheryl, June and Joe to help me grow inside-out. Amen.


Janice G said...

It is always encouraging to hear of God's activities. Thank you for informing your readers of one of the many things our great God has done!

Sue Tornai said...

Hi Janice,and thank you for sharing our joy with us as we see God in action.

Danie Marie said...

I'm thankful that God is patient with us. Sometimes we forget how much He loves to spend time with us and that we bless Him when we do...

Love you Sweet Sister!

Sue Tornai said...

Thank you, Danie, for the faithful reminder that God treasures the time we spend with Him as much or more than we do.