Monday, May 9, 2011

Love Each Other

Mother's Day brought memories of times when my children were little. How I miss those days! My son, Jason, used to hold his stuffed bear over his shoulder, close his eyes and pat the bear gently on the back. Softly he whispered, "O-o-o-o," and it occurred to me that he loved his bear the way I loved him.

Jesus said in John 15:12, "Love each other as I have loved you." That's what Jason showed me that day  so long ago, and it became my prayer--that I would love as God loves. Some people are not easy to love, like the guy who cut in front of me in traffic and made me slam on my brakes or another man who yelled at me, shaking his fist at a stoplight. For me to love others as God loves me, I need His help.

Lord, help me love people as you do. Keep me from any temptation to judge those who are not like me. I need your help. Thank you, that because you are always with me, I can do what you call me to do. Amen.


Elizabeth M Thompson said...

Loving as God loves us is a lofty, but worthy goal. Thanks for the reminder.

Sue Tornai said...

No one could be a better example than you, Miss Beth. Thank you for commenting.

Patrick E. Craig said...

Good word, Sue!

Sue Tornai said...

Thank you, Patrick. You are in my prayers, that God would keep the story going and you would meet your daily/weekly deadlines.

Danie Marie said...

Love this, Sue! What a sweet story. God Bless you as you serve Him!

By the way, I've added you to my list of favorite blogs. :)

Danie Marie

Sue Tornai said...

Thank you for your encouraging comments on this post and for making my blog one of your favorites. You're awesome! Would love to see you and know how your book is coming.