Monday, October 11, 2010

Third House on the Right

Forty years slipped by nearly without notice and Grandmother went to glory many years ago. I've often thought about her old two story house. She and I used to get up early and go outside and enjoy the flowers in her garden. We walked and talked for hours, about important things and unimportant things. Those were the good old days before work and stress. How did life get so complicated?

I happened to be in New York last week on business, but found it impossible to concentrate on the issues at hand. My thoughts of being with Grandmother, the times she told me about her first boyfriend to the time she fell in love with my grandfather, the times we sat through thunder storms together. She and I read the Bible and sang our favorite hymns.

Longing for a walk down memory lane, after the last meeting, I rented a car and inserted her old address into the GPS. Could it take me back to her old neighborhood? What would her house look like?

My journey ended as "Susie in the Box," the name some give the woman's voice giving directions, said, "Turn left on Elm Street, 3rd house on the right."

Sitting there, tears streaming down my face, I found that Grandmother's house had been decorated by none other than the Creator Himself. He wrapped her house in green with so much life and beauty it seemed to take my breath away.

That's just the way He is. He took the old run-down house and made it something beautiful. He did that with me. When things didn't turn out the way I wanted, I turned away from God and traveled down a road I thought would lead me to love, hope and happiness. It only led to more loneliness and despair. That was until God showed me His lavishing love. He never gave up on me and He was there when my life fell apart.

How could I have wandered so far from His love? How could I disappoint Him with my poor choices? It didn't matter. He forgave me and started to work rebuilding my life and giving me purpose.

He can do the same for you, my friend. He loves you with an unconditional, unending love. He will adorn you with His special gifts and blessings, more than you could ever imagine.

Lord Jesus, I am praying for the person reading this blog today, that he/she will experience your incredible love and cherish it enough to help others find your love too. Amen.


Joanne@ Blessed... said...

LOVED this, Sue. I posted it on my FB page.

Is that the actual house in your picture!?

Danie Marie said...

Love the picture, the scentiments and your writing, Sue! Miss you Lady!

Sue Tornai said...

Thank you, Joanne and Dannie. I followed a writing prompt from this picture. Parts of the story are true. My grandmother actually lived in New York in a two-story house. I was not on a business trip and I wouldn't know how to use GPS, even though you probably do. The salvation story is true. Thank you for your comments and, Joanne, for posting on your FB page. You are awesome. I'm praying for you as you head into your deadline. Love you.