Monday, May 31, 2010

Blasts from the Past

Yesterday in San Francisco I met Lindsey Kapella (aka Linda Sue Hurst) and her husband Bill and Summer Simonton (aka Jan Stratton), my high school pals to share blasts from the past. We reminisced over our giddy school years forty six years ago. We shared pictures, art, craft and values.

We talked about the years that have flown by since we attended Midwest City High School, the mistakes we made, the loneliness and despair, the joy of family and the depth of grief in the loss of loved ones.

We shared the most important things we learned—forgiveness and faith in God, confidence and belief in ourselves, the strength to pursue our dreams no matter what they were, and dancing. Three sixty-something women (and one man) laughed and loved as we never did before.

Thank you, God, for memories, lessons learned and brighter tomorrows. Thank you for yesterday—for Lindsey, Bill and Summer. Thank you for the beautiful day on the bay. It is forever etched in my heart. Thank you for your love for us and the love we share with each other. Amen.


Elizabeth M. Thompson said...

Sounds like a great time reconnecting! You all look so young and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your joy.

Sue Tornai said...

Thank you, Beth. We felt young and giddy. I can't believe how much we laughed. What an awesome day!