Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Little Bit of Love

Many times I searched for pet dogs on and dog rescue sites. John and I got our hopes up on a few but most of the time we never heard from our application submissions.

Last week our luck changed. We heard about Maggie, a one year maltese little girl, that was available. We submitted another application. I was hopeful. John was sceptical. A response came with before and after pictures of Maggie's grooming. We saw so much love in her face and we wanted her. We sent pictures of our home with our application proving that we were good candidates for Maggie's new owners.

When the call came that we could adopt her, John bought her a bed, food, bowls, collar, jacket and leash. We drove two hours on our 16th wedding anniversary to pick her up. She's adorable and has so much love to give. Her first night here she slept in her kennel all night without complaint. In the morning I got up and took her outside for potty. Then I put her in bed with John and me. She showered John with kisses and then me and then John and then me. This went on for at least twenty minutes. We couldn't stop loving her and she couldn't stop loving us. She is an amazing little dog and fills up the hole we had in our hearts after grieving the loss of our Boo doggie.

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