Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bethlehem Village

Entering Bethlehem Village we signed the census. The (not so) intimidating Roman soldiers seemed to be everywhere at first. Little Luke (4 years old) met three wise men who introduced themselves to him and asked for his help. He was willing so they told him they were looking for the new baby who would be King of the Jews. One of them asked Luke to give the baby king some gold pieces if he found him before they did.

“We’ve been following a star to find him and we believe when you see the star, you will see him,” another wise man said.

Luke was motivated. Looking into the sky in all directions, he found the star and ran in its direction. He found goats, sheep and shepherds sleeping in a field with angels singing “Glory to God in the highest.” The light from the star shined over a stable. Luke found the baby there with his mom and dad. When he held out the gold pieces, the dad (Joseph) graciously thanked him and made him feel important.

Sunrise Community Church in Fair Oaks, California re-enacted the first Christmas in Bethlehem Village set up in the courtyard of the church campus. Visitors signed the census and shopped in typical middle-eastern shops at the time of Jesus’ birth. They petted animals and witnessed the inn-keeper exclaiming, “No room!” They heard a desperate young man calling for Lea, a midwife. As the Christmas story unfolded, visitors participated in the exciting events of that first Christmas night. A highlight of the evening was a bakery where the visitors ate delicious cookies and pastries with cups of coffee and hot chocolate.

John and I, Janell, my daughter, and Morgan, Luke and Kurt, my grandchildren, enjoyed this Christmas experience. We send you our love for a Merry Christmas and peace, hope and joy in the coming year.


Joanne@ Blessed... said...


You MUST let me know when Sunrise does this next year. I would LOVE to take the kids to that.

I wish you blogged more often, I so love reading your posts.

Blessings my friend...


ElizabethMThompson said...


What a great event! I love it when churches re-create the birth of Jesus Christ. My prayer is that we will keep Him the center of our celebration.

Merry Christmas,