Friday, July 27, 2007

Longing for Heaven

A year ago this week I was with my family in Oklahoma. We buried Mama. I held hands with my niece Darcy as Mama’s casket was lowered into the grave. Tears flowed as I remembered how she suffered her last few years. It is comforting for me to know that she is joyfully with Jesus now, but I miss her. So often I want to pick up the phone and dial her number, but she wouldn’t be there. Will I ever get over losing her?

I long to see her, and I know when I do she won’t be suffering as she did her last few years. I will see her in her new body, her face filled with joy, her enthusiasm ready to meet me. Maybe I will see her dandling children on her knee as she once did. Maybe she will walk with me along the River of Life. Maybe she will take my hand and lead me to see Jesus.

“I Can Only Imagine” what it will be like (words borrowed from Mercy Me). I know it will be wonderful, but God has work for me to do before I can rest in Paradise with Him. Oh God, help me to fulfill the purpose you have for me so I will be ready for that day.

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ElizabethMThompson said...

Wow! Has it already been a year! It hardly seems like it.

I am sorry for your pain and grief and grateful for the hope we share in Christ!