Sunday, May 20, 2007

Somebody Prayed for Me

I miss knowing that Mama prayed for me. It was my first Mother’s Day without her. I felt empty without something to give her, but she is gone.

I miss her friendship and talking with her on the phone. She understood my problems, and I could talk with her about anything. Sometimes she offered encouragement. Sometimes she just listened. But I knew she always prayed.

The week before Mother’s Day this year we celebrated my son’s (Jason) and daughter’s (Janell) birthdays. While we were together my family went through a hurtful experience. Damaging words were spoken, words not to be forgotten soon. My heart ached, and I was helpless to change the situation.

Often my prayers were only “Thank you Jesus,” because I knew He would never leave me. I had to trust Him with the outcome. Although Mama wasn’t here to pray for me, the light of God’s love penetrated the darkness of my despair. I knew somebody prayed for me. God’s peace broke through my pain, and I felt His love on Mother’s Day.

Each day when I pray for my children and grandchildren by name, my prayers take on a greater sense of urgency. It’s because Mama is gone, and her prayers are gone. But because somebody prayed for me after Mama died, I will pray for others; my family, church family and friends. It’s a simple gift we give each other, and it’s important.

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Susan said...

This is a great devotional.