Monday, February 26, 2007

Love is the Answer

Tree lined streets decorated with wild flowers make my commute to work a pleasant experience. Yet the same streets have memorials along the way, signs to me that pain and suffering have intermingled with the beauty I see.

Life is that way. We get the good mixed with disappointments and sorrows, and often we don’t get to choose how things happen. People handle life’s struggles in different ways.
  • Some cling to faith in God and faith in each other.
  • Others look past their pain with hope for better days.
  • Many people rely on positive thinking for the strength they need.
  • And we have all heard that time heals a broken heart.

Faith, hope, positive thinking and time help all of us get through challenging times in life, but I have found the greatest help is love. It changes things. It has brought me comfort in bereavement, strength in illness and affection during the loneliest times in my life.

God loves us so much that He sent His only Son into the world to teach us how to live in good and bad times, how to love, comfort and encourage each other. He took our imperfections with Him to the cross, and He rose from the grave so we might live with Him forever. He went to prepare a place for us, a place where there will be no more suffering, tears or pain.

Thank you, Lord, for the hope and comfort your love brings. Help us to be instruments of your love to those around us.

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Emmie said...

I exactly think and feel the way you do.It's only love that keeps us going through the various streets and alleys of life. I tried to explore just one facet of love in my Love blog, do stop by sometime.Have a great life ahead.