Friday, January 5, 2007

Help for the New Year

If you are like me, the sound of New Year’s resolutions turns you off. Maybe it’s because we fail to keep the resolutions we make, and when we fall down in our goals, we don’t get back up. We just feel guilty. I believe the words of the famous theologian, Erma Bomback, “Guilt is a gift that keeps on giving.” With unresolved guilt we feel like failures. I have discovered that I need a little supernatural help to make the changes necessary in my life. It works for me and it can work for you.

Let me suggest the acronym S O A P to help you remember the basics. This is amazing! You can be the person God wants you to be. You can overcome your weaknesses. You can lose weight, get organized, stay focused and keep your sanity. Here’s how it works:

S Scripture: When I start the day by reading scripture, God’s word fills my mind and heart. It’s like programming myself for the rest of the day.

O Observation: When I read the Bible, I observe what God wants me to learn for that day. There are lots of lessons in the Bible. The prophets and gospels have stories of people who have lived before us, and we can learn from them. The Psalms and Proverbs have songs and principles in every chapter.

A Application: I consider how I can apply the lessons I have learned, and I write things down in my spiritual journal. When I need to, I can return to the notes I have written to stay focused.

P Prayer: Then I pray about the scripture, my observation and application. Prayer changes me. It helps me focus my life on the purpose God has for me, and I discover just how much God loves me and wants me to succeed.

I hope you can use this acronym to help you start off the New Year. It can bring hope, fulfillment and satisfaction. I am praying for you.


Sean Van Zant said...

Thanks for the encouaragment. I can really use that.

God Bless You,

G. Scott said...

Great advice Sue. I start this new year with a read through the Bible and find it has been very uplifting just by starting the day with scripture. Thank you for your prayers and I will keep you in mine as well.